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Yoga Offerings

We offer a variety of class types so there is something for everyone! For pricing click here.


Vinyasa is a flow style practice. In this class you can expect to do a wide variety of yoga poses in different sequences, linking movement with breath. Each teacher will have their own unique spin on vinyasa which may change day to day or week to week. The variety of vinyasa is one of the most beautiful aspects of this class. This practice with give multiple options and modifications for all levels of experience. 

Heated Vinyasa

Heated vinyasa is the similar to regular vinyasa with the addition of heat and humidity. Always be mindful in heated classes to not take yourself to the extreme of your flexibility or range as the warmth may allow you to feel  more flexible. This is a great way to get in some added sweat! 

Vinyasa & Myofascial Release

Vinyasa & myofascial release will have many of the same aspects of a regular vinyasa class. You can expect a variety of poses and sequences with linked breath and movement but with a portion dedicated to MFR through ball rolling. Our trained teachers will walk you through various ball rolling techniques that may leave you and your muscles feeling more relaxed. You can think of this as yoga asana mixed with self massage. 

Strength & Stability

Each teacher will likely have their own take on the strength & stability class. Some days you might be using light weights, other days body weight. You’ll see a variety of strengthening drills mixed with yoga and balance work. This class will be mindfully crafted to leave you feeling strong in mind and body. 

Slow Burn

In this class it feels like maybe it’s kind of easy… til it’s not. A riff off of a classic mat Pilates class, you’ll find yourself in a variety of strength drills along with small controlled movements to work your whole body and challenge your mind. While some days it might feel challenging right away often times the slow burn will creep up on you, maybe even a day or two later! 


Restorative yoga is a meditative, restful, slow paced practice. In this class you will use a variety of props and poses most often low to the ground, to find comfort and relaxation of mind and body. The hope is to leave this class feeling calm. 


Yin yoga is a practice that can be used complimentary to other more active yoga asana practices or exercise. Most yin poses are done on the ground and held for 3-5 minutes. This class will follow the 4 main principles of yin yoga. Yin yoga may help the removal stagnation from joints; hydration, stimulation & strength of tissues in the body; and a more calm mind. 


Melt your worries away and set yourself up for a positive week! Class combines essential tools for nervous system down-regulation resulting in the possibility of feeling chill and recentered and getting better sleep. This practice is great to do weekly as maintenance for our whole selves. Learn to slow down and crave the stillness. This class is a 3 part fusion of things you didn’t know you needed.  First we do mellow and grounding movement through stretching and dynamic breath work to clear out old energy and wind down the nervous system. The second part of class we do myofascial release with massage therapy balls. This helps to release stuck energy and physical tension and active the parasympathetic nervous system, aka the rest and digest system. The third piece of class is yoga nidra, a guided meditation done laying down and often called sleep yoga.  A half hour to hour of nidra has been shown to be equal to about 3-4 hours of deep restful sleep. This is the perfect way to spend a Sunday evening. 


Just like the postural (asana) part of yoga, guided meditation can be done in many ways. Often people think of meditation as silencing your thoughts but really in this class you will work toward being more mindful of your thoughts, and the thought patterns many of us get stuck in. The theme may change week to week. This class could be done sitting or sometimes lying down. As with all the classes each teacher that guides a meditation will have their own take and words that go along with it. 


Yoga nidra loosely translates to sleep yoga. Studies have found that 45-60 minutes of nidra can equate to 3-4 hours of restful sleep. In this journey you are guided through the 5 layers of the self. You are encouraged to bring along any extra blankets or pillows for your comfort and be prepared to be mostly still for the duration of class. 

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