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Yoga Retreat

Upcoming Workshops


May 11th
Restorative & Massage

$35 Early birds
$40 Booked After 5/3

Join Meghann, a licensed massage therapist and registered yoga teacher, for 2 hours of restorative yoga plus massage. We will cap this class at 12 people so that everyone gets massaged during class. You will be guided into comfy restorative poses and receive various massage techniques throughout the workshop. This time on your mat will hopefully aid in the down regulation of your nervous system as well as the relaxation of your mind and body leaving you feeling refreshed and maybe with less tension.


May 18th
Full Body Mobility

$35 Early birds
$40 Booked After 5/10

In this workshop Meghann will lead you through movements to keep the major joints of your body healthy. You will also move through mobility drills for areas of the body the general population often has tension or pain in, like shoulders or hips. You will learn a 5-10 minute routine that you can do at home regularly to improve your mobility over time. 

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