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Kennebunk Yoga & Wellness Collective Team

Wellness For The Heart, From The Heart


Meghann Foster LMT, E-RYT 500


Meghann fell in love with yoga, healing and bodywork in her early 20s. Growing up as a gymnast and athlete movement and body work has always been important to her and she loves the way yoga goes beyond the mat and incorporates yoga into all aspects of her life. She also has a holistic approach to health which encompasses massage, breath work, energy work and more.
Meghann became a licensed massage therapist in 2014 and then received her first 200 hour yoga certification in 2016, with a passion and thirst for knowledge and wisdom she went on to receive a 300 hour certification in yin yoga, based in mindfulness meditation and Chinese medicine in 2019 and most recently in May of 2023 she completed an additional 300 hour training in advanced yoga practices at Boston Yoga Union (now Back Bay Yoga Union). Along the way Meghann has also trained in over 100 hours of breath work, as well as countless hours in other massage techniques and many continuing education workshops for yoga such as trauma informed yoga. 
When Meghann isn’t on her mat or working on continuing education you can find her in the massage office where she specializes in a multitude of massage techniques, breath work and energy work. She also has a deep love for the outdoors with hiking being her favorite activity. She lives in Kennebunk with her partner and 3 dogs. One of these dogs, Basil, is the official office greeter and you will find him in the office most days of the week.
Meghann hopes to create a space for everyone that is accessible, healing, grounding, sometimes challenging, refreshing, and safe

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Courtney Blatti


Courtney started on her yoga journey a few years ago and has found it helps her navigate the stressors of life and feel happy in her body and mind. Courtney is in the process of becoming a certified yoga teacher but really thrives on the behind the scenes magic of the studio. She is the reason we can be here today, processing all of the back end parts of Kennebunk Yoga & Wellness Collective, she keeps the studio running smoothly. 


Courtney graduated from Keene State College with a bachelors in Occupational Health and Safety plus a minor in chemistry in 2015 and in 2017 went on to receive a Masters of Public Health from the University of Michigan. 


Courtney has a deep connection to nature, she could never chose between beaches or mountains and needs both to thrive in this life. She also has a love for dogs, especially the Corgi breed and our studio mascot, Basil.



Studio Greeter

Basil joined our team in June of 2023 and has become a staple to our everyday activities. His official title is Studio Greeter and he is here for all of the cuddling therapy you need. He has become an avid yogi practicing almost daily with his moms, his favorite pose is savasana. He looks forward to seeing you all and loves pets, kisses, and treats.


Kayley Roche

Yoga Teacher

After two years of consistent practice, and a transformative gap year in 2020, Kayley began her teaching journey by getting certified to teach barre and then completing her 200HR YTT in southern Maine in 2020. Yoga, the magnetic power of exploring the connection between mind, body and breath and showing students how to use their body as a template to move insights is what Kayley is most passionate about in life. While yoga drives her life's purpose, she is also certified and has been actively teaching bounce and yoga sculpt classes since 2021 and loves a workout that feels like a dance party. Kayley is now completing her 200HR certification in Katonah Yoga which is a syncretic Hatha yoga practice developed over 40 years by Nevine Michaan based in New York. The practice layers material from Taoist and Buddhist theory, geometry, magic, mythology, metaphor and imagination into a practical framework designed to potentiate personal and communal wellbeing. Kayley’s biggest loves in life are her yoga practice, music, her family and helping others to find joy. Playlist favs include Lauryn Hill, Mac Miller and The Spinners.


Willow Ross

Yoga Teacher

Willow grew up in Kennebunkport, lived all over the world, and is back teaching group and private classes that focus on strength, breath, down-regulation, and body awareness. She also holds 1:1 sessions for energy healing, breathwork and guidance. She offers deep insight and support on your life path aligning you with your truest and most authentic self, without judgement.


Willow has dedicated a decade to learning about energy, spirituality, movement, breathwork, anatomy, healing, shamanism, meditation and wellness. She has practiced and taught around the world. In her travels, she has been a student of master healers, shamans, channeling intuitives, yogis, sound healers, senseis, anatomy specialists, nutritionists, herbalists and Mother Nature.

Willow spent many years struggling with anxiety and depression. In that time, she had very little success with traditional therapy or pharmaceutical medicine. Because of this she began on a quest to embody new empowered ways of living. She changed the way she ate, breathed, moved, thought and believed. Using the new tools and skills that she discovered, her life started to transform exponentially. These are the tools she now shares.


Marissa Paci

Yoga Teacher

Marissa found her way to the mat years ago in high school and with encouragement from a close friend and her first teacher, she stuck with the practice until she eventually fell in love with the calming affect it had on her physical body and chaotic “monkey mind”. Her classes reflect her own disposition creating a trusting and sunny space to welcome her students. Marissa’s style can be best described as challenging yet mindful. She reminds her students to think of her classes as a whole body moving meditation; a consciousness linking each physical pose with each inward breath.” Her classes leave the practitioner feeling strong and balanced. Marissa holds both her 200 and 500 hour teacher training certifications with Fluid Yoga School, as well as certifications in SPA and HEALing yoga. Marissa is forever deepening her knowledge and holds an Ayurvedic Yoga certification with Shiva Shakti Yoga School and enjoys practicing and studying Tibetan philosophy and mediation with Buddhist scholar Robert Thurman. 


Marissa offers both private and group classes in yoga and meditation as well as frequently hosts integrated workshops and retreats. 


When not teaching yoga she enjoys spending time with her husband and dog at the beach or in the woods.


Suzy Legare

Yoga Teacher

Suzy has taught yoga for 9 years. After obtaining a MA in Counseling and Psychology from Lesley University she attended mindfulness training at Benson Henry Institute for Mind/Body Medicine at MGH. She knew yoga/mind/body medicine was her path. She has trained in children's yoga, prenatal yoga, 200 hour vinyasa yoga training and most recently chair yoga training.

Suzy enjoys the creative process of creating yoga classes that are accessible to all. It is her vision to create ever widening circles of yoga that help expand the idea of “oneness” on a personal and collective level. 
Suzy lives in Kennebunk, ME. She loves being in the woods with her dog, Teddy and LOVES family adventures with her husband Chris and kids Tommy and Anna.


Hannah Haines

Yoga Teacher

Hannah Haines is a yogi, dancer, choreographer, and movement educator based in Southern Maine. As a dancer, Hannah has been a lifelong lover of movement. Hannah has found the addition of yoga to her own movement practices has given her the healing gift of slowing down her mind to feel more present in her body. Hannah is a 200 hr RYT. She received her 200-hour yoga teacher training at Samudra Yoga studio with the Fluid School, and graduated with a BA in Anthropology, and Dance with a concentration in performance and choreography from Skidmore College. In her yoga classes, Hannah aims to create a challenging (and sweaty!) yet joyful practice that allows all students to find their sweet bliss.


Cori Crovo

Yoga Teacher

From a young age, Cori has had passions in health and wellness. After sustaining a back injury in gymnastics, she turned to yoga for the first time. As her consistent practice developed over the years, she found deep inner shifts and a brightening of her spiritual awareness. Cori received her 200 hour yoga certification from Panacea School of Integrative Health in Hallowell, ME in 2018 and is currently working towards her 300 hour certification through Yoga Medicine. Cori holds additional certifications in Yin Yoga, Breath Work, and Myofascial Release.


Additionally, Cori has a Master’s of Science degree in Speech-Language Pathology and enjoys bringing techniques from her experience as an SLP to her yoga classes. Cori is certified in Reiki II and sound therapy and is fascinated with the overlapping worlds of energy, sound, and vibration. In her classes, you can expect creative variations of poses, a sneaky touch of strength, as well as deep release and relaxation. You will always be guided through focused movement, strong breath work, and attention to the inner landscape and energetic body.


Off the mat, Cori is a lover of all things nature and health. She enjoys hiking, working on her organic micro-farm, creative pursuits, and following the band, Phish.

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Lily McGintee

Yoga Teacher

Lily is originally from Long Island, New York and her yoga journey began in 2017 at a local studio in her home town of Montauk. Yoga has been a big part of her life ever since. In 2018, Lily completed her 200-Hour Teacher Training through The University of Vermont. In 2022, she returned to her roots and continued her Teacher Training in Montauk at her home studio. Since her first training in 2018, she has been teaching classes and hosting Yoga Retreats in Montauk, Puerto Rico and now Maine, where she currently lives! Lily teaches a Vinyasa style Yoga class and is also a trained Mindfulness-Meditation teacher. Her classes weave together Yogic philosophy, anatomy and meditation in a rhythmic sequence. Lily's love for Yoga inspires her each day and she plans to continue her education in the years to come.


Rita Goffman

Yoga Teacher

Rita found yoga after visiting Canyon Ranch for her fortieth birthday and instantly became obsessed. Focusing on her breath and adjusting her body in the poses helped quiet her mind and shift her focus to the present moment. Rita began practicing at a local studio and was inspired to complete her 200 hour training. A few years later, Rita wanted to expand her knowledge, so she completed her 300 hour training at Down Under School of Yoga in Brookline, MA. The fluidity of sun salutations and focusing on alignment when in static poses helps her find “yoga chitta vritti nirodha”…cessation of the fluctuations of the mind. Her overall goal is to help her students find a deeper connection to the body and mind when they come to her class.


Melissa Brodeur

Yoga Teacher / Massage Therapist

Melissa is the owner of Bee Well Massage & Yoga which was created with the mission to help people feel better both in body and mind, all while raising awareness about honeybees. This philosophy remains as true today as it did in 2007 when Melissa founded the company. In 2001 as Melissa went through massage school and life lessons were being thrown her way, she started practicing the idea that how we show up for ourselves is how we show up for others and the planet. Melissa believes the most consistent way to do that successfully is to feel strong in our bodies and calm in our minds. There are many tools out there to prioritize self-care, her favorites are massage, yoga, running, and sleeping.  

When Melissa is not massaging or teaching yoga, you can find her at a concert or spending time with her partner, Chris, and her Great Dane, Sophia.   


In 2021 Melissa took her personal yoga practice to the next level and completed a 200hr YTT program. In 2022 she was recognized as the Best Massage Therapist in the 207. Melissa is excited to bring her yoga and massage services to Kennebunk Wellness Collective where she will be offering yin/vinyasa yoga classes and workshops as well as massage therapy.  She has worked with people of all ages, races, genders, and fitness levels, all are welcome. 


Alissa Wigglesworth

Yoga Teacher 

Alissa Wigglesworth (she/her) discovered yoga in 2017 and has been building her practice ever since, completing her 200 RYT in April 2023. Alissa credits yoga as one of the many tools that have helped her heal from a history of mental health and substance use struggles. Her classes will empower you to challenge yourself while also honoring your body exactly where it's at. Alissa aims to create a space where all feel welcomed and supported. Her sense of humor and compassion toward people and animals alike shine through in her teachings and she looks forward to sharing them with you!


Alex Michaud

Yoga Teacher 

Alex Michaud-Duncombe grew up in Bangor, Maine. It was there she found her love of movement through dance. Alex has been practicing yoga for 12 years alongside her modern dance education. She received her BA in Dance and French from Connecticut College and has danced and practiced in many beautiful shalas in her travels around the world. During Covid, she found yoga to be more than just a physical practice, and sought safety and solace on her mat. It was the healing power of this practice during that time that drew Alex to wanting to share with others.


Alex received her 200 hour certification through East West Yoga in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia in early 2023. Humbled by her teachers and teachings there, and a forever student herself, Alex is beyond excited to share this practice with others and to continue to learn and grow with her students. 


Off the mat, Alex enjoys immersing herself in nature, getting lost in a good book, traveling without itineraries, being in her garden, and spending time with her family and friends. She can’t wait flow with you.  


Sadie Hansbury LMT
Calypso Massage + Wellness

Massage Therapist 

Sadie is the founder of Calypso Massge + Wellness located within Kennebunk Yoga & Wellness Collective. Visit her website to learn more and book with her. Instagram @calypsomassagewellness.

Sadie’s personal mission as a massage therapist is to support her clients through mind, body  & spirit connection. She works with each client to align her work with their own health and wellness journey. Sadie is known for her relaxing and rejuvenating massages that incorporate energy healing. She enjoys learning the interplay of the energetic and physical bodies and honing how she can release any stagnant energy that presents as aches and pains for her clients. She brings this energy work to each massage, manipulating her clients muscle tissue to release stagnant energy and restore balance and flow to the mind, body & spirit. Sadie specializes in deep tissue massage techniques, including trigger point therapy, positional release therapy, myofascial release, mindful stretching, cupping, and gua sha therapy. She also incorporates reiki, sound healing, tarot and oracle intuitive readings, and spirit and energetic healing in her sessions. Sadie loves to learn and plans to continue her education in massage  & energy therapy modalities as they align on her path. 


When Sadie is not practicing massage, she enjoys taking long walks with her dogs & partner at the beach or in the woods, hanging out with family & friends and taking dance classes. Movement has been a huge part of Sadie’s mental health journey and she encourages herself & her clients to find those hobbies that help support them to feel good in their mind, body & spirit. 

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